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Texas Petrochemical develops and produces the highest quality automotive, marine and industrial lubricants including our unrivaled "Revolution" engine oil product range. The quality of our complete line of lubricants reflects our total commitment to quality, pioneering production techniques, and extensive research.

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About Us

Texas Petrochemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd is a dynamic organization that is expanding aggressively into the global market. We are committed to continuously invest in our skills, manpower, technologies and facilities. We strive to achieve the highest product quality and service to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.Artboard 3image_lorry

The company established as a private-limited company in July 2002.It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lian Hoe Leong & Brothers Pte Ltd. who has more than 50 years of history and is a reputable and reliable supplier of automotive, industrial and marine fuels and lubricants.

新加坡特 驰石油化工亚洲私人有限公司(简称:特驰)是一家迅速的向环球发展的企业, 公司尽力投资于人力, 技术, 设备和现代科技, 致力于建立以润滑油为主的石化企业,为国际客户提供高品质的产品和优质服务。

特驰成立于二零零二年, 其母公司联和隆早在五十年代成立。拥有超过65年的服务经验.

特驰业务包括生产,研制和促销石化产品,产品多样化,有基础油, 汽机, 柴油机润滑油,海运润滑油,油脂和石油专用产品.


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  • Big Boys Toys Exhibition
    Car enthusiast in Singapore sourcing for performance engine oil which could provide them better engine protection and enhance their performance while enjoying fuel saving and
    Posted on November 30, 2006

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