Texas Auxiliary range include Automatic Transmission Fluids, Brake Fluids, Coolants and Gear Oil. Each product is developed to meet the unique needs of our users, allowing equipment and machineries to at maximum efficiency.



  • Dexron® III-H/M

  • Ford Mercon®

  • Jaso-1A

  • MB p236.9

  • Chrysler ATF +3/+4

  • Honda Ultra ATF-Z1/ATF-II

  • Toyota Type T-III/T-IV/D-II/D-III

  • Kia/Hyundai/Mitsubishi ATF SP-II/SP-III

  • Mopar® +3/+4 ATF

  • Nissan Matic J/D

  • Suzuki AT Oil/AT Oil Special/ATF (5D06)(2384K)/ATF(3314)(3317)

  • Able to be used on vast majority of automatic transmissions

  • High resistance to oxidation and exceptional thermal stability resulting in long fluid life

  • Improves transmission efficiency and fuel economy

  • Outstanding high temperature performance

  • Superior low temperature fli

PACKING 1 L, 4 L, 18 L & 200 L

* Also available in ATF DX-II, ATF DX-III, ATF DX-VI, CVTF, DCT & DSG

* PDS available in MV Fully Synthetic, DX-II, DX-III, DX-VI, CVTF

Geatra EPX (PDS)

Premium Quality Multi-Grade Extreme Pressure Automotive Gear Oil

SAE 80W90, 85W140, SAE 90, 140, API GL-5

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

  • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs

  • Superior load carrying capabilities in heavy duty applications

  • Smoother power transmission

  • Maintains clean bearing surfaces thus minimising wear

  • Protects against spalling

PACKING 1 L, 4 L, 18 L & 200 L


DOT 3 & DOT 4

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability

  • Extends equipment life and reduces maintenance costs

  • Superior load carrying capabilities in heavy duty applications

  • Smoother power transmission

  • Maintains clean bearing surfaces thus minimising wear

  • Protects against spalling

PACKING 1 L, 4 L, 18 L 


Texas OAT 33% Pre Diluted Coolant Anti Freeze

Texas OAT 50% Pre Diluted Coolant Anti Freeze


Texas Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (DCTF)

Texas Geatra HD








Texas Industrial Lubricants are blended using high quality base stock and specially selected additive. Our industrial lubricants include Hydraulics, Gear Oil, Metal Cutting Oil, Turbine Oil, Compressor, Textile, Spindle, Circulation, Heat Transfer, Slideway Oil, & Grease. Each range of lubricant is specially designed and formulated for the machinery it will serve - providing high performance, longer and smoother operating hours that translates to cost savings.


Texas Hydraulic Products has all important qualities that a hydraulic system require include Anti-wear, Anti-Oxidation and Thermal stability among others. It also meets the high cleanliness requirements of the DIN industry standards.

Texas Hydraulic AW (Anti-Wear)

Texas Hydraulic HVI (High Viscosity Index)

Texas Hydraulic ZF (Zinc-Free)

Texas Hydraulic AW+ (Anti Wear + )

Gear Oil

Texas Texgear is a range of premium industrial gear oil with Extreme-Pressure Performance & Load-Carrying Properties. It has outstanding Thermal Stability, Superior Oxidation Resistance and Excellent Corrosion Protection. Available in a wide range of viscosity grades for a wide range of application and operating conditions.

Texas Texgear

Turbine Oil

Texas Turbine T Series consists of a range of premium quality Turbine Oil that can use for Steam, Water, Hydraulic or Marine Applications. It is treated with high quality additives to give it high thermal stability, superior rust & oxidation resistance and highly effective demulsifying capabilities increasing overall service life.

Texas Turbine T Series


Bearing & Circulation Oil

Texas TEXMAC M Series is carefully formulated using the finest base stocks and treated with high quality additive to give your equipment extra protection. It can be used for a wide range of industrial applications such as circulatory systems for hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, rolling mills and calendars for both rolling and plain bearings.

Texas TEXMAC M series

Spindle Oil

Texas Spintex Oil series are a range of low-viscosity lubricants specially formulated for the lubrication of high speed spindles. It is designed with excellent rust and oxidation protection, anti-wear properties and rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Texas Spintex 

Slideway Oil

Texas Slideway Oil is a high performance slideway lubricant developed with outstanding anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti stick-slip characteristics. It contains special polymer additives for improved adhesiveness and tackiness.

Texas Slideway Oil

Compressor Oil

Texcompressor oil are blended with ashless type additives to provide excellent oxidation control, outstanding filterability and strong water separation properties. Texcompressor oil meets the performance requirements of many industrial specifications.

Texas Compressor Oil

Refrigeration Oil

Texas Texfrige R series Compressor Oils are superior quality hydrocarbon lubricants which are highly miscible with critical fluorocarbon refrigerants and can be used for very low temperature applications. High degree of chemical and thermal stability of the lubricant ensures long service life and reliable performance with outstanding cleanliness.

Texas Texfrige R

Heat Transfer Oil

Texas Heat Transfer 32 is blended using carefully selected high VI base oils and high temperature antioxidants that cover a broad range of applications. It has good heat transfer properties and is resistant to high-temperature cracking and oxidation preventing deposit formation or viscosity increase.

Texas HTO

Metal Cutting Oil

Texas MetalCut Soluble is a popular general-purpose oil suitable for a wide variety of metalworking operations that requires protection from a water-soluble lubricant, and the heat removal characteristics of a coolant. It provides excellent corrosion protection to machine surfaces and components being machined.

Texas Metalcut Soluble


Texas Greases is available in Lithium or Calcium Sulphonate - based. Texas grease have extreme pressure, water resistant properties and high temperature stability allowing it to protect your equipment even under extreme conditions.

Texas Grease LEP 2

Texas Grease Lithium Complex  2

Texas Grease CSC 2

Texas Grease WRX 2